Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Stuff.

We had zone conference this week!  But guess why I am so sad about it, because President Peterson wasn't there!!!  I was basically crushed because he is the best teacher ever but conference was really good.
We got some great instruction on the Sabbath day and helping our
investigators attend church.  We were counseled to pause before we partake of the sacrament this upcoming Sunday, and I did it yesterday!
  It was so cool, I really thought before eating the bread and drinking the water and I really chose to renew my covenant with the Lord that I am making apart of me (3 Nephi 20:8).  That is what the sacrament is all about, to accept Him and follow Him, and be ONE with him.  Try it.  Pause before and think about how you are making Him apart of you.

Also, there was the Kwan Challenge at conference.  That is the
obedience challenge.  All the missionaries stand up and they talk about different things we are supposed to do as missionaries and if you are not doing something they say, you have to sit down until the last man standing.  Me and my housemates won last time and Sister Johnson and I were the last sisters standing this time!!!!  But then a filipino elder outdid us because we didnt ask the people who were going to speak in sacrament meeting to invite their friends.  Darn it!!!  Proud that we still did well though!!

We also got starbucks before conference, it was so delicious and
expensive.  and so worth it.

Remember Mark our awesome investigator?  He moved.  We're sad.  He is now living with his in-laws.  Hope he continues with his conversion!

Yesterday, a member that I have been visiting for 5 months now finally came to church!!! I was on the verge of crying!!!! and then last night we had the most awesome lesson, with Joan and Al.  Al was baptized like 15 years ago and is the brother of the bishops wife. We've been teaching Joan for about a month now but this was our first lesson with Al.  The spirit was soooooo strong.  It is amazing that when missionaries will just get out of the way and let the spirit teach, the lessons are so much better.  It was so powerful.  They just kept saying they wanted to get back on the path, have faith, endure through their trails, be sealed, and be an eternal family.  I am soooo sad I will probably miss their baptism because I will be transferred, but they are just so wonderful.  And we were all crying in our lesson.

Finally I included my pics of Sister Johnson and I burning our ships. President told us about this figuratively but we did it literally.  We are supposed to try to get rid of the things that are distracting us or holding us down.  So I wrote all the things I want to get over and let those ships burn!!!!  Sister J almost burned her hand off too. LOL.

Ok love you all!!!
Sister Waldrom
3 Nephi 5:13

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