Monday, June 16, 2014

"It is SO Friday the 13th."

Hello po, Ako si Sister Waldrom.  Naalala ba ninyo ako?  Baka, hindi.
Matagal na ang huling beses nadoon ako.  Pero ok lang, kaci nadito ako
sa Pilipinas at sobrang saya ang missionary work dito!  Mahal na mahal
ko kayo!

LOL just some tagalog lessons for you today.  So everyday is
completely different in the mission.  Keeps life exciting.  

Last week we got on a jeepney, we pass up our money for
payment to the front and the driver says, "Wag na, libre lang."  Which
means dont pay, its free.  So we were like... that is weird.  But then
he asked us which ward we were in... and we were like are you a
member?!  And he said he was in Ward 3, our ward!  We set up an
appointment and he was super nice and willing for us to visit.  So
Wednesday comes around and we head over.  His wife is super active and
we had heard about her husband having to drive his jeepney on Sunday.
They cheerfully welcomed us into their home.  When we went into the
lesson, we had a few different ideas of what we were going to share.
We were impressed to simply discuss faith and we shared Mosiah
23:21-22.  He completely opened up and so did his wife.  The spirit
filled the room and we heard their trials, and felt the Love of God so much.  
They know the truth, they know the way, now they need to seek for
 strength in the enabling power of the atonement.  The spirit just led
 us to say that there was a way back.And they took great joy in that hope.
It was a wonderful visit and we are returning this week to help them
 some more.

Thursday.  ZONE CONFERENCE.  President's last one.  It was
definitely a cry sesh for everyone at the end.  Sister Peterson's talk was
 on the doctrine of the Family and the President and Sister both did a
question and answer session on anything we wanted to ask.  It was glorious!
I learned so much!  They talked about their marriage, and oh how it reminded
me of how thankful I am for my parents.  Your marriage is an amazing example
to me!  All the discussions were so weird for us missionaries to
think about.  We all got a little trunky feelin, but I am working
through it.  Here are some insights that I learned from conference:

-The road to exaltation is through Gethsemane.  We all need to go
through our own Gethsemane to be fully ready to face the judgement
bar.  I took this to heart.  I was really thinking about my life
before the mission.  I was thinking about all the small mistakes I
made and I wasnt sure how I was going to be able to repent for all
those things, especially because I dont remember a lot of them!  I was
concerned.  Then when I saw President on Friday (I will get to that
story), I told him my concern.  This was his advice: "Sister, the holy
ghost 'sanctifies'.  Through His guidance to you and your good
choices from following Him, He sanctifies and cleanses you from those
past  sins.  Especially in your service, your sins have been forgiven.
It says three times in the Doctrine and Covenants that 'because of
your service, your sins are forgiven thee'.  Don't worry sister, your
sins are forgiven."  And just when I was stressing that I wouldn't
make it to heaven.  Such an interesting insight that I think we all need
to understand!!

-We also talked a lot about Priesthood keys.  Do you realize that not
a whole lot of members hold actual keys?  It is interesting to think
about. But he emphasized that we must respect all priesthood keys, no
matter who the person is holding them.

On Friday, we planned to have exchanges with the sisters we live
with.  We had just started singing our hymn before companionship
study.  Then all the sudden a sister serving in a different area just
came into our house crying hysterically.  She was having hardcore
stomach pains for three days and went to two hospitals prior but they
didnt do anything apparently, so she felt like she had no where else
to go.  Me, being the experienced missionary of the hospitals in this
area, took her to the "doctors hospital" and there she entered the ER.
I was with her and watched her through buckets (figuratively) in front
of my face and then eventually she was taken in by the
gastroenterology specialist.  Craziness.  We stayed there all day.
President came and visited and then he took us to lunch close by.  Oh
man, that time was golden!  I asked him so many questions!  He
basically taught me, Sister Wilson, and his assistants how to find a
husband and basically everything about life.  I wrote it all down
after.  He just has so much knowledge!

The Jimenez family is doing ok.  Really trying to help them receive
that personal witness of the the truth.  Any advice?!

We had a cool northern philippines broadcast for stake conference.
Elder Cook spoke and other general authorities.  Good times!

Cool idea I am trying to start, carrying the Book of Mormon in my hand
while I work.  Feel like it gives me so much power!  

I love you all!

Sister Waldrom
2 Nephi 9:41

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