Monday, June 9, 2014

My life is never the same.

Well.  President is trying to get fresh blood in the mission so Sister
Tua'one was transferred this past week.  I was really sad because I
loved feeding off of her wealth of knowledge.  She was the best
companion I have ever had!  She will also be a forever friend.  We've
already made a pinkey promise to see  Kid Cudi in concert
together one day.  But yeah, I was like hard core stressing when I
found out she was leaving me.  I was scared because I have to train a
new Sister Training Leader in this new area and I am just gonna die in
the corner.   But then God blessed me for the thousandth time in my
mission, with wonderful SISTER WILSON.  We were in the same district
in the MTC.  And were we tight there?  YES.  She was the only one who
understood my humor!  So is this companionship awesome?  Yes.  I love
her.  And so would all of you.

So President drove us home from Transfer Day to our house.  We were
sitting there in silence, and I decided to perk up and this was our
"President, I hear you like cars.  What is your dream car?"
"Hmmm, Porsche 911s."
"President, I somehow knew you would want a Porsche."
"What about you Sister Waldrom?"
"Fisker Karma."
"Great choice.  What about everyday kind of car?"
"All time favorite, Land Rover LR4.  What about you President?"
(Reaches to the back seat for a high five!) "Yes Sister!  I love Land
Rover, But I want the sport."
"Well President, you have great taste in cars, yes you do."

even more now after that conversation.  And I asked him in my last
email what his greatest advice to me before he goes home would be,
then he said, "Let's get together and talk before I leave. keep
reminding me and we'll make it happen. I would love that."  Well, I
would love that too President.  I am going to miss him dearly.

So we had a mini typhoon this week, our power went out.  We
survived, stayed in side for a couple hours.  These storms are
nuts here!  I have videos to show you eventually.

This week we visited a less active and we walked up and she was
reading her scriptures and daughters of his kingdom on a hammock.
Then when we sat down with her she explained how she was reading the
chapter on visiting teaching and praying in her heart that someone
would come visit her soon.  Then we walked up.  She was crying and it
was an answer to her prayer!  So amazing how God leads us here.  Then
she went on to tell us her conversion, she was baptized at age 19,
entered the MTC when she was 21 to serve in Australia, then while
there, found out she had cancer, came home received a priesthood
blessing, eventually she was healed, married a nonmember who doesnt
like the church and that is why she cant come.  But her faith is still
so strong and it is people like her who make this work a tear jerker!
Amazing people here, I tell ya.

The Jimenez Family.  Progressing!  We are working on helping them
receive a personal witness.  That is the current struggle but they are
doing really well and progressing.  And yesterday we told the ward
council about them and they are so thrilled and want to be involved in
helping fellowship!  So the ship is sailing, but we will see when it
harbors into the baptismal waters.  Please keep them in your prayers!

Well, all is well here.  Things are moving too fast but I am oh so
happy and blessed to be here.  I love you all and Pumili and Tama!

Sister Waldrom
Genesis 3:10

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