Monday, June 23, 2014

Pride is the Stumbling Block to Zion.

So President leaves in a week.  I am sad.  I hate goodbyes.  He is the 
best mission president I could ask for.  We had Mission Leadership
Council and it was so good.  He went into depth about how the Book of
Mormon is the tool to fulfill the prophesy to gather Israel.  I
learned a lot about the 12 tribes of Israel, and how they will all come
back together again.  If you have got any sweet insights for me,
please feel free to enlighten me.

This week I carried my Book of Mormon in my hand.  Usually I just keep
it safe inside my bag, but then I was thinking, I need to show this
beaut!  So we were walking with it, and it totally changed our
attitudes about things.  We felt like we were carrying Laban's sword,
there is so much power in those pages.  I recommend it to all
missionaries.  It changes the whole feel of the work.

Also cool, I started a thing I like to call a vision book.  I have
different visions for different aspects of my life.  It is NOT a
trunky book!  But more of a collection of the different goals that I
have.  Some sisters have heard of it, and now everyone is kinda doin
it.  Cool I guess, just hope those newbies don't get trunky!

This week we had exchanges.  Sheesh those things are tiring.  Every
time you have to give your companion and the work all your focus and
effort, and man, I am pooped by Sunday.  I wish I had a bit more time
on P-day to sleep, but lets be real, that never happens.  I went on
Exchanges with Sister Williams (my old temporary companion) and Sister
Ika (one of my best friends in the mission who heads home in a few
weeks).  So obviously it was a good week.  They taught me a lot.  The
spirit was so strong in our lessons, and we really found some great
ways to help the people we were teaching.  I notice when we really
focus our lessons on Christ, the people's heart's change and they
desire to change their actions to be more aligned with the will of the

We were working with a soon to be depart missionary in our ward and
while we were walking, she saw one of her old coworkers.  We met her
and then even asked if we could share a message with her family.  She
totally let us in, we had an awesome lesson, then returned again and
she and her father in law committed to a baptismal goal date!  The
work always finds it's way to those prepared people. It is so cool to
be apart of!

The Jimenez family is kinda at a halt.  It is kind of hard to accept
but if you could all just keep them in your prayers, we know that the
Lord will find a way for them!  Thank you!

So some greatness that I have learned from my companion.  Pride.
Pride is basically the worst!  If you really think about it, it is the
root of all evil.  And it for real is the stumbling block to Zion.  My
assignment to read: "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson.  We all
have weaknesses and can be culprits of the many qualities of Pride.  I
am working to remove all that from within and becoming more humble to
align myself with God's will.

Ok, well I love you all!!  Keep the faith!

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 6:33-37

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