Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy days are here!

Well my dear sweet and wonderful loved ones,
How I miss you dearly!  Weird to hear that my flight plans have arrived into the inbox of your emails.  Hmmmm.  But let's focus on the present, shall we?

This week was solid.  The M family.  What a wonderful topic to begin with.  When I was bored in church yesterday, oh wait that never happens!  Oh jokelang, it does sometimes.  But I made a sticky note of all the reasons to love them, so now I will share with you:
·       They got rid of their religious statue immediately after we taught them the Ten Commandments.  Took us a while to finally notice, but it is just totally outta there!
·       They read the Book of Mormon everyday, it is quite impressive how they make sure to find the time!
·       The understood the doctrine of temples, eternal marriage, and family history as if they already knew it.  Sister even said, "So I can be baptized for my mother as proxy?"  And we were surprised with how right she was!
·       Brother attended the Baptism of the other sisters in our ward and totally loved it, afterwards at the lesson with the rest of his family, we asked him to share what he saw and felt there.  He said, "I am so excited to get baptized!  You really feel the difference of the people's lives!"
·       Brother also attended the Elders Quorum activity and made lots of new friends.  Then one of the members offered him a side job to work on his farm so he has a little extra income from a member!  Sweet sauce!
·       The ward is so excited about their baptism!  Even a member was telling our mission president when he attended the other baptism the other day, the member was telling President Mangum how excited we all are for this completed family!
·       They haven’t missed a single Sunday of church.
·       They have had the same baptismal goal the whole time we have been teaching them since the second lesson, October 4, and we have never had to change the date.
Don’t you just love them from miles away?!  I know I do!  

This week I got to go on exchanges again with my Batchmate, Sister Rasmussen.  It was legiiiiit!  She is one awesome teacher and killer at Tagalog.  But what I really grasped from her is how I can be better about bringing an even stronger spirit into our lessons.  She made a goal to have have a better teaching opportunity when she talks to people on the street and she was a great example of that.  She really sought to relate a gospel principle to the people she met in a understandable way so that they would be even more interested in our message, it was impressive.  Great day with good ol sister Rasmussen!

Then on Thursday I headed up to Santo Tomas to work with Sister Maagad because sister Beaumont is still sick, so we just powered through the day to teach as many of their investigators as we could and it was great!  I love working with Filipinas.  It makes me feel more native.  

Then on Friday I worked with Sister Williams in her area, buuuuut then this crazy typhoon came, Bagyong Mario.  Lame, super affected our work, but we had some great discussions, really learned a lot from each other.  Sure love that Sister, we will surely be friends after the mission.  She shared an interesting tidbit with me about how we are born into our circumstances mostly out of the "election of grace", which can be found in the bible dictionary under election.  Super interesting that depending on our faithfulness in the pre-existence, that is usually why we were put into our families and how easy it was for us to receive the gospel in our lives.  I am sure grateful for whatever my spirit did before this life, because I have sure been blessed here on earth!  
Well family, all is well.  Thanks for everything!  I love you all!  Go study Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel and we can all become a little more Christlike everyday.  

And thus I close mine epistle, 
Sister Waldrom
Alma 60:23

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