Monday, September 8, 2014

The True Teacher

What a quick week.  Tuesday I had a great learning experience.  I went on exchanges with Sister m, she has already been released as an STL, but man she is so cool!  Our teaching was good and something I learned from her was how to really listen and focus on the spirit in lessons.  I could see how she really looked to heaven in order to seek the right thing to say.  And even though she was teaching the investigators in our area, she still knew how to help them because she followed the spirit.  However, she opened up to me about the problems she is experiencing with her companion.  Man, communication with companions seems to be the biggest obstacle with missionaries.  And when you have problems in your companionship, it affects the work too!  I am sooooo grateful that I have been blessed with wonderful and humble companions who have sought to be one with me and unified.  What a blessing.  But it seems like Sister m is learning a lot and is seeking to work things out.  I don't worry- she will find a way to make things better.

Wednesday, the day I had been dreading.  I don't know why I felt so much pressure, but man I was dying inside.  The mission tour surprisingly started with the testimonies of the departing missionaries.  And since there was so many, they said we all could about 1 minute to speak.  I was down for that since I was feeling too emotional.  But yeah, I got up there and bore my testimony, I felt like it went ok, but I wasn't loving the tears falling off my face.  So embarrassing.  And then right after that, it was time compose myself to sing,, "A Window to His Love".  Went pretty well too I guess, still don’t know why I was asked to do it, I ain't no singer! The spirit was strong and it was a great experience.  Then shortly after some counsel from President and Sister Mangum, Elder Bowen just blasted us!  So the first portion was a discussion more on missionary work.  He sure woke up the mission that there is a "lack of power" from the whole mission not being totally unified in obedience.  He helped us see the power we can have as we live the white handbook, scriptures, and Preach My Gospel.  I loved it and sure fired me up!  Also he really made me excited to talk to more people.  I am trying to open my mouth to everyone I face!  The second discussion was to help us "understand who I really am" therefore we discussed the four topics that he asked us to previously study, 1. the Abrahamic Covenant 2. the house of Israel 3. the baptismal covenant 4. the oath and covenant of the priesthood.  I had some great learning from those studies!  He tied them in really well!  He really wanted us to come to understand more about our Father Abraham and the special blessings as we keep our covenants.  I LOVED it.  I felt I had been lacking in spiritual learning lately, and that sure fed me right up!

After that meeting we had a missionary leadership council with Elder Bowen. He  helped us understand our callings more as leaders in the mission.  I am grateful for this calling to be able to help these sisters and have a whole different perspective to learn from as a missionary.  

The M Family this week, GALING SA LANGIT SILA TALAGA!  (They really are from heaven.)  Oh man, every time we are around them they just radiate with the spirit!  They read every single day and love every ounce of the Gospel.  Saturday night sister was out picking up some medicine and so we were sad we couldn’t teach our plan of the Sabbath day, so we came up with the idea to watch the restoration dvd.  Their dvd player is black and white and they had lost the remote so we had to watch it in english, and right when it started sister walked in the door!  (perfect timing eh) so then we just kept narrating it in Tagalog and knew exactly the part the God the Father and the Son would appear and they just loved it and the spirit was SO strong.  Afterwards we asked each of them how they felt, but Brother and Sister immediately said, "it is true, how could that not be true?"  They know without a doubt.  It is just so amazing to really fulfill our purpose, we really aren't doing much, just being their guides simply.  The spirit is teaching them and they are being obedient and following.  This is true missionary work and I am so blessed to be apart of it.

Just a few fun facts:
1. The upcoming king of Tonga was baptized.  Looks like we are gonna have a country full of Mormons.
2. Christmas music is playing here, hallelujah!  It is glorious!

I love you all!  I encourage you to come to understand who you really are and study the house of Israel.  Amazing stuff, and read, "A personal Relationship with the Savior" by James E. Faust.  Simple and true doctrine.  Stay strong!

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 88:67

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