Sunday, September 28, 2014

So much joy in this work!

This upcoming week WILL BE AMAZING.  Six baptisms: Michael, Nely, Michelle, Marius, Mikaela Masangkay, and Lanie Matalog (their sister in law).  Oh man, I love this bunch with my whole soul!  Why don’t you all just fly out for this Saturday and attend the baptism at 6pm, we promised the ward that refreshments will be provided as an incentive to get the ward to come. 

So Masangkay update: we taught them tithing, priesthood, the importance of callings in the church, and enduring to the end.  Totally took that doctrine right up into their hearts.  Then on Friday night they had their interviews, they passed obviously.  And the elder who interviewed them was just dying afterwards about how amazing they are!  Yeah, seeing this family be completed has the sweetest feeling in my heart, like better than a BYU mint brownie with chocolate milk to top it off.  Then on Saturday they came to the Stake Open House.  They aren't even members and were considered visitors, and they brought 4 visitors with them. Yeah, I can't even handle their amazingness.  They brought Nely's father and I think it really softened his heart to making the changes in his life to be with his family.

On Tuesday, we had a rockin day.  Surpassed my record of total lessons in one day.  We hit nine!  We did some contacting of referrals and got one realllly great one.  L, she is so strong already in her faith.  And the amazing thing is that her faith is strong from her own experiences.  Like, not even because that is what everyone else says here, it is because she loves the savior and felt it herself!  So she has some great potential, just trying to work to teach her super nice husband and 4 kids.

So on Saturday the long awaited stake open house happened.  The stake leaders planned it, but the zone leaders and sister training leaders were closely involved so I have been privileged to see this start from nothing to everything!  They did an impressive job!  Could have used some better planning, but this was a new idea for them so it was a job well done.  Friday it was more of a public affairs event and the Zls and STLs were invited, and the mayor came!  And some other public officials.  Cool stuff.  Then on Saturday all the missionaries were there to usher the people.  I think I talked to almost every person there!  (i got a niiiice head ache)  But it was a great turn out!  So many people that the missionaries weren't even allowed to eat!  Hundreds came and it was impressive the amount of visitors.  They started with a nice lunch and entertainment, then they divided them up into groups and gave a tour of the chapel.  Each room was nicely set up and really helped the visitors understand more of what we do at the church.  It sure made me feel proud to be a member of the church!  It also seemed to spark a lot interest and the preparation of many referrals for the missionaries!

Also I have an invitation for you today, let's remember reverence when we are at church.  It has been a struggle in our ward here and Sister Wilson gave a great talk on it in Sacrament meeting yesterday.  We are there to renew our covenants, be nourished by the good word of god, and to fellowship one with another.  Just keep the spirit of reverence with you throughout the day and you will see a great change on your Sabbath.

Keep the Masangkay's in your prayers this week that they can have a wonderful experience at their baptism.  I love you all!

Hanggang sa muli,
Sister Waldrom
Romans 5 (My Companion's Favorite chapter :)

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