Monday, September 15, 2014

Natutuwa na ako

The M family.  First off, we found out from one of our fellow sisters, that she was the original missionary who contacted them!  She said that she met him because he drove them on his tricycle after a meeting at the church.  We are so grateful she did because they are some pretty amazing people!  This week they made some great progress.  They are all still reading and now we are teaching their sister-in-law who has come to church twice, and she read up to 2 Nephi 15 in a week!  I think she will be baptized on Oct. 4 with the family.  Yay!  Also, we taught a really solid lesson on keeping the sabbath day holy and the sacrament.  Man, they just soaked that doctrine right up!!  They totally understood it, and then the next day at church I could see how quiet they were for the time of the sacrament and they were praying.  What a testimony of how doctrine changes people!  Also this past week, we introduced a lot more members to them in our lessons.  And who knew that the Elders quorum president ended up staying at their house even 1.5 hours after we left!  And THEN the next day he invited them over for dinner!  Fellowshipping is the key!  They are fully on their way to full activity as members of the church.  Also their daughter has started her personal progress... They are just golden.

I think I can consider myself, Dr. Sister Training Leader.  These sisters seems to just croak on me when I go on exchanges with them!  So I went on Friday with sister Beaumont, fun stuff cause she was my old housemate, but man!  After our first lesson, she practically died on the spot!  She said, "Yeah right when I sat down in that lesson, I did NOT feel good..." We pull over and she sits on a bench, and everyone who drove or walked by was just staring up a storm.  She kept laying down, or sitting up, or putting her head down, and I was just fanning her with my little fan, and then I was like, "Soooo we should probably go home, huh?"  And she reallllllly did not want to, she felt so bad, but we headed back.  She almost passed out like 20 times, but we made it back safely.  We reached the consensus that it was probably from an allergic reaction to corn, but it sure was bad!  I can count her I think as the 5th sister I have watched throw up on my mission...  Yeah, I don’t really know why I attract the sickies.  I feel so bad!  But I am glad to help them!  Doesn't bother me!   I think I can handle about anything after these past 18 months.  JOKELANG.  

We have been receiving referrals from the office and it is great for finding too.  My companion reminded me it keeps bringing us into great situations of "why did the lord bring us here?" We keep meeting people we didn’t mean to and going to places where the people definitely don’t live, so it is all pretty exciting and cool.  I enjoy it. :)

Yesterday at church we had a special surprise.  A member gave us a referral and we have taught them about three times, and then little did we know, she picked them up before church and brought them!  So we had NINE investigators yesterday!  That is honestly a high number, we are grateful, truly a miracle from mine and your prayers!

We had a legit Family Home Evening with the M’s and some members, it was quite the large group!  We shared a message on missionary work and encouraged them each to invite someone to the stake open house.  The M’s have informed us that they have each done so... they are better than most of the members!

The other day I was OYMing this man and listen to what I said, maybe the weirdest moment ever... "Yes we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, or more known as Morgans...... (give weird stare/look to companion as we both seems panicked and confused) I mean Mormons, more known as Mormons..."  IT WAS SO WEIRD.  It just slipped!  I dunno!  Funny stuff though.  

Go study "The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland.  Gold right there, my companion is obsessed, so we listen to it a lot.  All is well here, thank you for the continuous support, it means so much!  

Love to you all,
Sister Waldrom
Ephesians 3:16

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